Recital Nireńska&Parnell

WARSAW DANCE MUSEUM – Pola Nireńska & Feliks Parnell is a project referring to the cultural aspects of the history of Warsaw and the achievements of Warsaw dancers from the interwar period. It will allow you to meet with you the former and present Warsaw, through the original dance works of Iwona Wojnicka and Artur Grabarczyk based on reconstructions of works and choreographic methods of artists from 1918-1939, also in the context of their biography and the specificity of that time in art and everyday life. Dance will become a medium here to look at the history of Warsaw after regaining independence, the role of history in art and art in history, and to reflect on how now – decades later – is created and alive in the capital, f, the remainings of the splendor of the interwar period, what connects us today with Warsaw of the past.