Global Water Dances Zielona Góra 2017

Everything is out of water, water has been created and made of water

Marta Kawecka

The ancients were tormenting all the problems afflicting the community through rituals and art, the important element of which was interaction, participation, blurring the border between the actors and the audience. The idea of ​​the community focused around “Global Water Dance” also refers to the original aims of art. This community wishes to draw attention to the problem of water shortage by playing in the world of the same score inspired by water.

You will have the opportunity to see the Polish interpretation of the score on June 24 at Heroes Square in Zielona Góra. The author of the performance and personal interpretation of the “water score” is Iwona Wojnicka – a choreographer, a dancer associated with the Format Zero Association – the organizer of the whole undertaking.

The score includes four components – the ritual part, the local part, the global part and the participatory part.