Warsaw Dance Muzeum

The Warsaw Museum of Dance is a project which presents the achievements of the Pioneers of Modern Dance in Warsaw between 1918 – 1939 in the interpretation of contemporary Varsovian dancers and choreographers, inviting the city’s residents to discover the history and identity of the town from the perspective of dance.

Program of the Warsaw Museum of Dance in 2017:

Public presentations based on the reconstruction of the works of four prominent figures as interpreted by four Varsovian dancers. The performance will take place on the 20th of May, 2017, during the Night of Museums at the Museum of Warsaw.

Dance Workshops for the general public, to be held before the Night of Museums.

Creation of a Warsaw Dance Map based on collected archival materials and with the participation of Warsaw residents. The map will take the form of an installation at the Night of Museums and on the project website.   

Documentary films presenting dance figures from the interwar period in the interpretation of the contemporary dancers and taking place in a variety of Warsaw venues.

Artistic director: Iwona Wojnicka
Dramaturgy: Gosia Gajdemska
Choreography and dance: Gosia Gajdemska, Artur Grabarczyk, Bartosz Ostrowski, Iwona Wojnicka
Space: Roman Woźniak
Music: Wiktor Podgórski
Communication strategy: Daniel Jarociński
PR: Joanna Stasina
Production: Format Zero

The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.
Inspired by Manifeste pour un Musée de la danse by Borisa Charmatza