291. Dynamics of Chaos

291. Dynamics of Chaos is an interdisciplinary project, that combines dance, performance and audio/visual art (experimental music, sound art, experimental photography, film, video art, installation, objects etc.), inspired by Dadaism, its German creators and its influence on contemporary art. Over the course of a 4-day long meeting in Berlin and a week-long creative laboratory in Warsaw, 10 artists will prepare an artistic installation – their personal response to Dadaism – to be presented in September 2016 in Warsaw.

The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw on the 25th anniversary of the partnership between Warsaw and Berlin.

We are looking for ideas that resonate with Dadaism and with the main topic:

Dynamics of Chaos. What is your personal answer?

Who we are?
5 artists from Warsaw and 5 artists form Berlin.

We are open-minded regarding discipline and format. We welcome ideas in the areas of dance, performance, theater, installation, film/video art, music and sound art, object art, interactive and participatory art – anything is possible! You can propose a solo work or a format to be developed in cooperation with other artists (one person or more) who are invited to the project.

Berlin – agitPolska, K77 Studio, Club der Polnischen Versager, Exploratorium Berlin, Spektrum Berlin  Warsaw. The Academia Theatre.